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Chemical Battery Laboratory@Nagoya Institute of Technology
Our research interest lies in ion conductive ceramics owning to both the range of development of practical devices, such as Li ion battery, fuel cells, and so on, and the fundamental fascination of designing functional materials through the knowledge of crystal and electronic structure. We integrate both computational and experimental techniques for understanding and designing Li ion conductors.

Our computational approaches are based on quantum mechanics which aims to understand factors affecting ionic conduction by capturing the moment when ion
and/or electron jump in lattice. We attempt to discover novel fastion conductors by integrating above knowledge and by applying multivariate analysis, genetic
algorism, and so on. (Materials informatics) We have successfully performed several research projects of international collaborations, government supported national projects, and collaborations with industry.

All solid-state lithium ion batteries may power electric cars in near future. For designing solid-state devices, understanding the interfacial phenomena is crucial as well as materials bulk properties. We focus on seeking the best materials and characterized their interfacial phenomena by various electrochemical methods with the aid of computational science.

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PI: Masanobu NAKAYAMA, Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
E-mail: masanobu –at– nitech.ac.jp  (replace –at– by @)